About Prof. Jeffrey CHEUNG Tai Kin

Professor Jeffrey Tai Kin Cheung graduated from Harvard University with a PhD degree in Chemistry. After two years at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, he joined Rockwell International Science Center and spent the next 31 years working on a diversity of challenging projects including synthesizing new materials by pulsed laser ablation, thin film devices, and harvesting power from random ocean waves. After retirement, he joined Hong Kong Baptist University as a visiting professor in the Department of Physics for 6 years and ventured into a new research area to study human motion both in static and dynamic state with  an Inertial Measurement Unit. In 2016, he founded Booguu Company to commercialize his inventions. His dream to invent something that is socially relevant is finally realized in the “A-I based Fall Risk Assessment System”. His current research interest is to find new algorithms to extract information from IMU data  to gain insights from understanding our motions, of which many are tiny, brief, and nearly invisible to the naked eye. In particular, these findings will help the elderly to maintain their physical wellness, mobility and independence.


Topic: New Insights for Healthy Aging from Body Movement Analysis with Wearable Sensor and AI Technology I

Technologies including  wearable sensors, smartphones, AI and  Machine Learning, and telehealth offer many possibilities to improve the health and wellness of the elderly populations, especially during the Covid19 Pandemic.  One key area of innovation is the ability to measure and deeply analyze our own body motions with simple to use and accessible tools based on biomechanical models and AI/Machine Learning from a large database. The insights from understanding our motions, of which many are tiny, brief, and nearly invisible to the naked eye, provides new applications to help the elderly maintain their mobility, independence, and keep enjoying their favorite activities and hobbies.