Best/Outstanding Paper and Poster Awards

In receiving notable contributions from international researchers, professionals and practitioners, we would like to recognize the best contributions to gerontechnology. All submissions will automatically be considered for the Paper and Poster Award.

Best Paper Award               x 1
Outstanding Paper Award  x 3
Best Poster Award               x 1
Outstanding Poster Award  x 3


Criteria for selection:

  • Originality of the work: The extent to which the work is innovative in terms of its sources of information, design, analysis and/or discussion approach.
  • Appropriateness of methods: The extent to which the methods and approach are appropriate.
  • Validity of the results: Correct interpretation of results
  • Significance of the work: the work should have significant contribution to gerontechnology with an emphasis on theoretical and/or practical development.
  • Clarity of the presentation: The quality of the presentation in terms of accuracy, clarity, readability and organization.


Award presentation:

  • The Best and Outstanding Paper and Poster Awards will be presented at the Closing Ceremony of the Conference.
  • Winners will receive award certificates.


Result of Best/Outstanding Paper Award


Best Paper Award

Mun Cheung Chao, Shu Ho Lam, Yan Shing Fung and Tsz Ying Cheung

Tuen Mun Hospital


Gerontechnological Aids Prescription System to Empower Elders with Dementia and their Carers for Ageing in Place


Outstanding Paper Award

Queenie Man

The Project Futurus


Dai Pu

Monash University


May M. W. Poon

ENT Laser Hearing and Speech Therapy Centre


Yuen Yu Choi and Karen M. K. Chan

The University of Hong Kong


A Transdisciplinary Multi-centre Feasibility and Acceptability Study on Modifying Puree Meals in Residential Aged Care Facilities


Outstanding Paper Award


Maggie Man Ki Wong

Hong Kong Metropolitan University


Eliza Mi Ling Wong

Tung Wah College


Patrick Kor

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


The Effect of an e-learning Educational Programme on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Skills, Knowledge and Self-efficacy for Nursing Assistants in the Nursing Homes during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Pilot Study


Outstanding Paper Award


Janet Lok Chun Lee

Hong Kong Metropolitan University


The Experience of Participating Remotely-delivered Physical Exercise Classes among Community-dwelling Older Adults in Hong Kong in times of COVID-19: A Pilot Study


Result of Best Poster Award



Best Poster Award


Tsam “Sanny” Ning, University of Southern California

Armstrong Chiu Tat San, The Hong Kong Society for the Blind


A journey of shared re-definitions during the COVID-19 pandemic: The Kawa Model and a telehealth approach to occupational therapy fieldwork practise


Outstanding Poster Award

Bennu Yiu, Continental Supplies Ltd

Yang Ju and Yinying Zhang, The First Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou University

Emma Mak, Continental Supplies Ltd


Effects of Home-based Intelligent Grip Strength System on the Improvement of Hand Grip Strength and Hypertension in Older Adults


Outstanding Poster Award

So King Lau, The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation


Adopting eHealth at Community Rehabilitation Setting for Older Adults with Chronic Health Condition


Outstanding Poster Award

Samson Ki Sum Wong, Pauline Po Ling Luk, and Karina Hiu-Yen Chan,

The University of Hong Kong

Queenie Man and Willa Lai, The Project Futurus


Medical Education… in a Kitchen – Teaching Dysphagia and Culinary Medicine through a Care Food Experiential Workshop