Best/Outstanding Paper and Poster Awards

In receiving notable contributions from international researchers, professionals and practitioners, we would like to recognize the best contributions to gerontechnology. All submissions will automatically be considered for the Paper and Poster Award.

Best Paper Award               x 1
Outstanding Paper Award  x 3
Best Poster Award               x 1
Outstanding Poster Award  x 3


Criteria for selection:

  • Originality of the work: The extent to which the work is innovative in terms of its sources of information, design, analysis and/or discussion approach.
  • Appropriateness of methods: The extent to which the methods and approach are appropriate.
  • Validity of the results: Correct interpretation of results
  • Significance of the work: the work should have significant contribution to gerontechnology with an emphasis on theoretical and/or practical development.
  • Clarity of the presentation: The quality of the presentation in terms of accuracy, clarity, readability and organization.


Award presentation:

  • The Best and Outstanding Paper and Poster Awards will be presented at the Closing Ceremony of the Conference.
  • Winners will receive award certificates.