Abstracts of Presenter

Session I - Paper Presentation         23 Nov 2021   17:00 – 18:00



Mun Cheung Chao, Shu Ho Lam,Yan Shing Fung and Tsz Ying Cheung

Gerontechnological Aids Prescription System to Empower Elders with Dementia and their Carers for Ageing in Place

Albert Au

Validating Pharmaceutical Pictograms for Hong Kong Elderly, Carer and Urdu Speaking Ethnic Minority

Queenie Man, Dai Pu, May M.W. Poon, Yuen Yu Choi and Karen M.K. Chan

A Transdisciplinary Multi-centre Feasibility and Acceptability Study on Modifying Puree Meals in Residential Aged Care Facilities



Session Il- Poster Presentation         23 Nov 2021   17:00 – 18:00



Armstrong Chiu Tat San and

Tsam Ning

A Journey of Shared Re-definitions during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Kawa Model and a Telehealth Approach to Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Practise

Zhuzhu Wang, Xiaolan Lai, Rui Zhu, Jiayuan Zhuang and Wencong Chen

The Incidence of Elder Abuse in East Asia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Wen-Chuan Huang and

Kai-Chen Chen

Discussion on the Impact of the Epidemic in Taiwan's Long-term care C-class of Elder Care Base Services


Session Ill - Paper Presentation         24 Nov 2021   17:30 – 18:30



Maggie Man Ki Wong, Eliza Mi Ling Wong and Patrick Kor

The Effect of an e-learning Educational Programme on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Skills, Knowledge and Self-efficacy for Nursing Assistants in the Nursing Homes in Hong Kong during COVID-19 Pandemic. A Pilot Study

Janet Lok Chun Lee

The Experience of Participating Remotely-delivered Physical Exercise Classes among Community-dwelling Older Adults in Hong Kong in Times of COVID-19: A Pilot Study

Chan Wai Leung, Druid Fung Cheuk Ki, Chow Lok Wo and Hezon Tang

Smart Home for the Elderly: A Qualitative Study of the Services Needs of Older Adults in Hong Kong


Session IV - Poster Presentation         24 Nov 2021   17:30 – 18:30



So King Lau

Adopting eHealth at Community Rehabilitation Setting for Older Adults with Chronic Health Condition

Bennu Yiu, Yang Ju, Yinying Zhang and Emma Mak

Effects of Home-based Intelligent Grip Strength System on the Improvement of Hand Grip Strength and Hypertension in Older Adults

Samson Ki Sum Wong, Pauline Po Ling Luk, Karina Hiu-Yen Chan, Queenie Man and Willa Lai

Medical Education… in a Kitchen – Teaching Dysphagia and Culinary Medicine through a Care Food Experiential Workshop